Noah's Ark Go Fiercely Tiger Keepsake

  • $29.99

The Noah's Ark Go Fiercely Tiger plush is an inspiring, cuddly friend for baby that encourages them to be brave and be themselves, with the embroidered message, "Little Tiger... Go fiercely out into the world knowing that you are amazing!! Embrace your stripes proudly always and everywhere. You are One-of-a-Kind." Lori Siebert brings the Biblical story of Noah and the Ark to life for little ones through unique animal designs on soft pieces such as plush animal figures, blankies, and nursery keepsakes. Inspired by the timeless story of Noah’s Ark, this artisan plush collection in natural earth tones blends soft and cozy materials with favorite animals, making a wonderful addition to any nursery. Jersey-knit materials with hand stitched elements, unique packaging in the shape of ark creates a wonderful easy gift.